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I’m coming to share a sacred experience and gentle reminder with you today. I don’t share these sacred things often, too many people read something online & think automatically assume it’s also true for them. So, before I begin this email, I want to preface this by saying that this is MY journey. Keep that in mind. Please be responsible in caring for your body and do not follow what I do (or anyone else does) simply because it sounds “nice”.

So a few months ago I found a lump in my left breast. It was a really interesting time for me and I was almost instantly annoyed and upset. I had a lot going on. I decided to take three days off from everything to heal myself. My first step was to grab my herbal breast massage oil (click here to get on the waitlist for when it’s restocked next week).

I massaged my breasts with it several times a day and did my usual healing ritual. I then had a vision of an old friend who had had a tumor in her left breast and it all made sense. I reached out to her, because I was guided to. Then I got the message I needed. The lump was gone on the third day. My initiation as a medicine woman is unlike anything I’ve ever heard or seen. However, my ancestors make it so that I tend to experience the symptoms of others that I need to help. This happens with my clients, this happens with my family, this happens with random humans from the internet. My guides teach me through experience.

I started having breathing issues right before my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was in my kitchen making medicine and chanting for her when the text came to tell me they couldn’t find the cancer anymore, that it must have been a miracle. I experienced extreme digestive issues, seemingly randomly and then had a vision of this woman. I looked her up and it turned out she had been diagnosed with colon cancer. I work with a client and start to experience their symptoms. This happens so that I know exactly how to heal these things naturally. I didn’t go to the doctor when the lump showed up, because I understood the purpose. We are not the same, so please be responsible if you’re experiencing any issues that you don’t know how to heal yourself.

My message today, is simply – massage your breasts.

Someone needs to read this today, so I hope you listen to the message and honor this as a sacred love letter from the ancestors. Grateful for this incredible experience called life. Always in awe. Never not amazed. Take care of yourself.

P.S. I’d like to normalize really allowing your journey to unfold. Please please please don’t decide just because you read this that it is true for you. I understand some things look “cool” but that’s not how spirituality or healing work. Your path is unique to you. Honor that. The sooner you stop copying and adopting the energy of others, the sooner you’ll find your own.

I love you,


To see the video of the lump on IG click here


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